Jess + Linz

Jess and Linz in Sesame Street Costumes

About us…

We are two friends who are passionate about crafting, cooking, and creating. Sweet Athena is our way of sharing our adventures. It also helps us inspire each other to be creative in our big, adult lives.

Quick facts:

      1. We met in middle school. Perhaps in PE, or at lunch.
      2. In high school, we bonded over dreams of going to college together on the East coast.
      3. Jess is now at grad school on the East coast!
      4. Linz is currently obsessed with baking.
      5. We both love themed parties, soup, and Bridesmaids the movie.
      6. We don’t have too many pictures together that aren’t old or strange. Case in point:

Jess and Linz in Sesame Street Costumes

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