At A Glance: Farmers Market

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Ya’ll, I am still excited about our 4 year anniversary. Putting together that post made me all warm and fuzzy inside for how cool it is that we get to have this blog and all the support we get from not only friends and family, but also new friends we have made through this adventure. Le Sigh.

Anyways, what else have I been up to? Well, lots and lots of school work. Le Boo. I did manage to step away from the books long enough to go to opening day of the farmers market here in Baltimore. Like most cities there are farmer’s markets scatter throughout town on different days, but then of course there is a main one. Baltimore’s big farmers market is under part of a highway and is filled with murals. I like the charm that the setting adds to the experience. It was a lovely morning filled with fresh produce, hula hooping, music and oh some mango lassi, yum.


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