At A Glance: Hood River, Oregon


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As I mentioned earlier I do have one new goal for the new year and that is to develop my photography skills. Since I’m living in a new environment, it seems like the perfect opportunity to document this latest chapter of my life. I’m hoping a weekly photo forum will be a fun way to push me to take more photos, while also sharing a little bit more of my world.

One thing I feel very undecided on is if there should be any words attached to these posts. What’s that about a picture versus a thousand words…hmmm. I am not sure if an explanation of the photos is redundant. Like should I mention this is where I spent my Christmas. Or that I’m in love with this quiet, beautiful town, full of hippies, wine, adventurers, local food, micro brews, oh and my dad. Or that these were the first photos I took with my new camera on my favorite kind of winter day. The kind of day that is cold, clear and crisp with the promise of snow to come.

I’m going to be sharing photos from my trip to India over the next few weeks. You should be forewarned now, I took a lot of photos. I had so much fun snapping away and I am really excited to share them.

As this series develops I would appreciate feedback, (kind) criticism and ideas on how to improve my skills. If you are doing any photos series (or have in the past) I would love to see them, please share in the comments section!


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