At A Glance: San Diego



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Does anyone else out there ever feel younger than they are? I often forget that I have been doing this “adult” thing for 10 years now. Every now and then I’ll do something and think, oh yea, you lady are now an adult. Filing taxes, not waiting until I have only one pair of clean underwear before I do laundry, not getting upset when things don’t go my way; all nice reminders I actually manage to take care of myself.

This past week I flew out to San Diego to attend a conference. Now that ladies and gentlemen is in the SUPER adult category. Dressing like a professional, networking to get my dream job (fingers crossed!), sure I was über giddy about all the cool topics at the conference, but I held it together.

Not only was I lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a professional for a couple of days, I also managed to get in some time with old college friends at the beginning and end of the week. When you no longer live in the same place as some of your favorite people, any time together is special. We explored the city and ate delicious food, but the best part was just getting to hang out. One of the beauties of being an adult: maintaining friendships for over 10 years.



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