Halloween = Happiness

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As many of my friends and family know at this point, I LOVE a reason to dress up. So, of course Halloween is just a grand ole time for me. In fact maybe a little overwhelming as there are no guidelines and all year long I seem to be thinking, that would be a fun Halloween costume.

This year I decided to go as the Bee Girl from Blind Melon’s ‘”No Rain.” I’ll admit, it was a little dated as a costume choice and I had to do some explaining as to who I was to some people. But, the reason for doing it clearly out weighed any explanation I had to give. I got to wear a TUTU!!! And I got to play a girl who wears a tutu and then finds the land of happy dancing tutu people! What more do you need in life!??!?!?I tried to go as homemade/reusable as I could on the costume. Which ended up being easy, as I already owned the two hardest parts of the costume, the fake big glasses and the pretty black tutu. As for the yellow top, mine didn’t end up looking the same because I opted to borrow a yellow tank rather than make an exact yellow halter, I would never wear again (I am not that big a fan of wearing yellow). I also knew I wouldn’t really wear a yellow and black striped hat or arm warmers again either. So, I used black leg warmers on my arms and wrapped yellow tape on them to give the effect of strips and did the same to the hat. I then added the final touch of a yellow pipe cleaner heart to the hat and yellow bows to my shoes. I then proceed to eat lots of candy all night long!

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