Oh Baby!

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Last summer I was told some news that I knew was coming. I did not know who this news would come from or at what time, but I knew at some point I was bound to hear it. My friend is having a baby!

Oh the joy of crafting for a baby. This was a world I had yet to embark on, as it seemed a little foolish (and bad for my dating life) if I was looking through knitting books of baby items and surfing the web on how to make homemade onesies. But with the anticipated arrival of baby Henry, I was able to do just that.

I decided in the end to knit him a baby blanket. I picked a basic pattern as this was the biggest knitting project I had ever tackled.

~Yarn: 100% Superwash Merino Wool (I picked this wool because I heard it is great for washing out spit up and other messes and is VERY soft)

~Needle Size: US 10 (6.0 mm)

1) Cast on 120 stitches.

2) Knit 10 rows.

3) The next 10 rows (K stands for knit, P for purl).
Row 1: K7, then place a marker here to designate the side border, P to the last 7 stitches, place another marker, then K7.
Row 2: K.
Row 3: K7, P to marker, place another marker, K7.
Row 4: K.
Row 5: Same as Row 3 (K7, P to marker, place another marker, K7).
Rows 6 to 10: K.

4) The pattern I used said to repeat step 3, 14 times. I found that to be too big of a baby blanket and used my own judgment on size.

5) The last time you repeat step 3, end on row 5 and knit 10 more rows. Cast off.

If you are looking for great ideas to make for a cute boy in your life. Two great bloggers have teamed up this month to feature great crafting ideas called ‘Celebrate the Boy’. Check out dana-made-it and madebyrae.

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