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Close-Up Macarons

Foodie Friday: Lazy Macarons


After watching the documentary Kings of Pastry on Netflix, I’ve been craving macarons. I think about the slight crunch, followed by the chewy inside. I think about the filling…buttercream…ganach…salted caramel. I’ve been a little obsessed.&hellip

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Foodie Friday: Almond Roca


One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is to make Almond Roca (sometimes called “English Toffee”) with my Mom. Our candy-making sessions often take a whole day, so we can make enough batches to give&hellip

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Foodie Friday: Makin’ Marshmallows


For this week’s Foodie Friday, we are running away from soup. Far away. And skipping right into the sweet and fluffy land of homemade marshmallows! Making marshmallows was something that I never even considered before&hellip

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