At A Glance: Philadelphia

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I had not explored the city of Philadelphia since I was 10 when I did a day trip up that way with my Dad last week. My expectations were very low. I had heard some bad reviews of the city from different friends and kind of thought I would feel meh about it. But as far as day trips go, it was perfect. It was a mix of checking out the downtown area, peeking in their city market (better than Balitmore’s), seeing up and coming neighborhoods with cool, passive houses (for the Dad) and of course seeing some of the historic sites. I fell in love with the fact that they have flags from every country lining a main street downtown, lovely vintage clothing stores and well, the history. Perhaps if you are from the East Coast or live in a town as old as Philadelphia it becomes second nature to walk past the Betsy Ross house, but I was into it. As well as the “historic” lunch we had. That bread picture is no basic bread, turns out our Founding Fathers left behind some recipes for us all to try. I’m certainly not a history buff, but it excites me walking down streets and realizing how much significance in shaping our world today happened in a certain area.


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