Makeover Monday: Hair Updo



This hair updo is for all the ladies out there with thin hair. I don’t know about how you feel if you have thin hair, but I certainly feel like there are less hair tutorials that work in my favor. I stumbled upon this one quite by accident. I was putting my hair in an upside down ponytail and realized much of it could be hidden in itself.

To re-create this look simply put your hair in a loose ponytail. Then tuck your hair in as if you are going to make an upside down pony tail, but instead of pulling your hair through into a ponytail, tuck the “tail” part of it behind the hair (as the picture shows). As you can see this hair style is only for people with thinner hair as the more hair you have the harder it would be to hide the hair.


Clearly I have lots of fly aways in this picture. Yikes! I found if you are wanting less of a messy look, style it up when hair is a little damp with some gel.


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