Dear Santa,

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For Christmas this year I would like to use fewer resources.

Christmas is two days away and maybe everyone else has been prepared for weeks, but I just finished wrapping my Christmas gifts today. Maybe using fewer resources means not buying or even making gifts. I want to focus on another way to be kinder to the earth, the art of wrapping.

Here are a few ideas I have used in the past.

For wrapping the gift I:
~re-use a Christmas bag
~wrapping paper I saved
~a plastic bag (tutorial here)
~ newspaper
~magazine pages for a smaller gift
~the inside of a brown paper bag. This last one is a favorite of mine this year, as I like being able to color and draw on the outside. (I added a photo of a few of my creations this year, the paper was a little wrinkled, but it comes with love).

Then there is the cherry on top, the bow!
~You can draw it on (as I did!)
~Make it out of magazine, newspaper, etc (tutorial here)
~Use left over yarn from projects (another favorite of mine)
~Try a Plastic Bag (tutorial here)

If you are looking for a way to add a card or tag:
~Re-use old Christmas cards (tutorial here)
~Find scraps of paper, newspaper, wallpaper or fabric (tutorial here)
~Use scraps of ribbon to decorate a tree (I tried out this one, picture below)

And to all a goodnight,


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