Featured Blogger: Mariko’s Craft Adventures

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I know, I know. It’s been basically forever since we wrote. But we’re back!

I’ve been sitting around thinking what would be a worthy topic to get us back into the swing of things. Feature a new craft project? Write about all that has happened in our lives while we were not blogging? But then I realized, what would be better than shedding some light on our dear friend and constant inspiration, Mariko of Mariko’s Craft Adventures?

Take one look at her beautiful blog and you’ll see that she’s much more productive than we have been as of late. What’s most fun, though, is the variety and quality of her crafting adventures. It seems that almost every time we hang out, Mariko is sporting or gifting a new creation, such as these sweet skirts (right.)

Other favorite creations are the delightfully morbid Valentines cards she sent out last year (below) and her signature collection of “dictionary” accessories (below).

I admire how Mariko can take her pre-existing passions, such as fashion and literature, and turn out unique and adorable creations. Isn’t it awesome when a friend can stir up inspiration in you?

BONUS: Beyond sharing peeks at her current projects, Mariko writes about everything from recipes she’s trying out to costumes she puts together for the themed dress-up days at school she works for.

Go ahead, check her out!

See ya later alligator, Linz


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