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Here on Sweet Athena we are lucky enough to have a couple of guest bloggers share with us their ideas on fashion and how it is incorporated into their lives. First up is Ashley, a stylish lady who writes about her adventures with her new husband, Charles, in Southern California. Her blog, Love, Ashley, is chalked full of trips, good food and cute outfits. Go check it out and prepare to be entertained. Spoiler Alert: Ashley and Charles were just married in a beautiful ceremony in Puerto Rico this summer. I should know it was gorgeous, I was there! Yep, on top of being a cool blogger, Ash and I are cousins and have spend a good portion of our childhood together, learning how to boss around our younger siblings. ~Jess

I should preface this guest post by saying that I in no way consider myself a fashion expert.  That being said, I do enjoy playing with fashion, finding good deals, and improving my mark on the world through how I portray myself.  We all know how powerful a tool that can be.

I find myself drawn towards simple and classic pieces with a touch of femininity.  The good thing about staple or foundation pieces is that you can dress them to your taste and clothing style, and fit them into current trends with a few updates.

In this post I played with two of my favorite pieces for fall, my slim black pants and a printed dress– then added trends or details to play them up or down.


It was fun to shop my own closet, and I was particularly surprised at how much I liked the dressed down version of the orange dress.  There are so many ways you can play with the staples in your closet!

My favorite details this fall (as you can see above) are wingtip heels, oversize gold watches, and nail polish in fun colors.  Changing your nails is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to add something new to your look.  The golden yellow on my nails above has elicited a ton of positive comments.

My best tips…


Almost every retailer offers discounts, especially in this economy.  Do a little research and look for coupon codes online.  I join mailing lists and wait for the best deals, then strike!


I know this sounds silly, but sometimes I ask myself if I would want to be wearing a purchase if I ran into someone from High School I hadn’t seen in years.  If the answer is no, I wait for something that makes me feel that fabulous.


If you are tugging and adjusting something all day, you’re not going to feel good about yourself and put your best foot forward.  Get your correct size and be sure you feel good in it.


I believe some things are better to invest in than others.  In my opinion, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you invest in quality handbags, shoes, and coats/blazers.  You can go cheaper on tops, trendy pieces, and jewelry.


Most of all, embrace who you are and be confident in your style!




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