Makeover Monday: Jewelry Rack

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We are going for the simple this week, like takes 5 seconds and you are done simple. As a fellow DIYer do you ever look at store bought items and think I could make that, but even better! Well duh, right? We all do that I’m sure. Which makes me think you might at times have a similar problem to mine. When you keep thinking, I’ll make that, I really will, but the project never gets done. Perhaps it is money, time or loss of creative drive on a particular endeavor. Whatever it is, it sits unfinished.


For me that project has been how to store my jewelry. I am always seeing cute products that nicely store necklaces and other accessories, but I always think I’ll make my own. Yet for whatever reason this project has never come to fruition. Last week I realized I had a perfectly lovely and empty towel rack just chilling in my bathroom. Et Volia! This solution is not permanent as I will not be taking the towel rack with me when I move, but for now it works wonderfully. It holds my necklaces and bracelets in a way that keeps them from being tangled and displays them which reminds me what I own. I’m the type of person that if my jewelry is packed away, I’ll never think to wear it. I love that it holds my bracelets too. My bathroom ventilates well, so I’m not too worried about the amount of moisture that could build on the jewelry either.


What about you, what’s your unfinished project or idea that needs new life?


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  1. Linz

    March 19, 2013 2:18 pm

    Jess! I just tackled this same issue in my bathroom. I also have the problem of never wearing my jewelery if it’s hidden away. Perhaps I’ll share my own jewelry rack solutions next week…


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