Q&A Sunday: Leggings, are they “in” or “out”?

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Question from Linz: Jess, Are leggings out? They came “in” a few years ago, and I love how comfortable they are, so I don’t really want to let them go…

Answer from Jess: Linz, I remember a couple of years ago when leggings came back “in”. It made my 10 year old self so happy. And as any good 10 year old is apt to do, I have paid no attention to the coolness of leggings since, but wear them proudly. I in fact even wear short leggings with dresses in the summer. Not just any legging shorts either, the same ones I use to wear in middle school. I am therefore not really qualified to say whether this trend is in or out, as it is clearly just part of my style at the moment. 

While I have pointed out my bias towards leggings, my answer is still yes, leggings are on the up and up. The reason I think this is because 90’s fashion in general is having a moment of popularity. Also something that pleases me. As shown in my heart tights DIY post, I am enjoying the look of boots and flower dresses with all its flare of the 90s.  

What I really think you should get Linz, is a square leather satchel to wear with your cute leggings outfit. Too 90’s?…no way.

If of course you are still worried about the current cuteness of leggings, may I suggest one of my other favorite leg adornments, knitted tights. Of course we are getting very fashion technical with talk about the difference between tights, knitted tights and leggings. But there really is a difference. I think knitted tights offer the best of both worlds. They have the comfort of leggings with their thicker material. While having the nicer look of tights with their snug fit and possible cable knit design, that would be a better style for work.

Question to Linz: What are your favorite fashion trends right now?


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