Q&A Sunday: How to Rock Costume Jewelry

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Question from Linz: How can I wear costume jewelry without looking like I am wearing a costume (for Mad Men)?

Answer from Jess:

Costume Jewelry

1) If you have a piece of jewelry that you really like, but you feel has a bit more of a dramatic look. Wear an outfit that features it. Allow that it to stand on its own without a lot of other jewelry. It won’t look like a costume if its one accessory you love, its when you are wearing 5 different pieces from the 50’s that people might think you are playing dress up.2) As one of our readers pointed out when I made a brooch like Joan Holloway wears, it would work great on a coat.  Big brooches don’t look overpowering on a coat. Outerwear can be a great way to accessorize with different era pieces without feeling like you have over done it. Coats and hats inspired from different eras work well to look like practical pieces you need.

3) To work in dramatic pieces of jewelry and accessories you have to know when your outfit just doesn’t need another item. If there is already plenty of fun detail in the clothes save the funky necklace for another time.

And if you are still unsure, I like to remember the wise words of Coco Chanel:

coco chanel


Question to Linz: What tips do you have for mixing patterns?


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