Shop Your Closet for Costumes, Part Deux

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I had so fun re-creating some of my past Halloween looks on Polyvore that I ended up coming up with even more ideas. This was fun as I fantasized about the possible clothes items I “needed”. A blue cocktail dress with a full skirt, yep need that.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

My favorite idea about this costume is wearing a pretty cocktail style dress, but then wearing hiking style boots with it. Costumes are about dress up and the chance for juxtaposition is a fun part of it.

Rosie the Riveter Costume
I have seen a lot of costume ideas out there for this one. But can you blame people, it is a great idea. Easy to put together, all pieces I would use again. I did see a “slutty” version of this costume that really upset me. It was a bikini top and short shorts look of Rosie the Riveter. There was a description about how the person did not believe in the ideas feminism, but loved the costume. I think women should dress as they please, showing as much skin as they want. However, it does bug me that someone dresses up as a figure that represents to so many, women’s strength. Then creates their own look by showing a ton of skin, another thing so many women have fought for the right to do for decades, but turns up their nose at the ideologies that allow them to freely have that look. A little credit where credit is due please. Without feminism, there would be a lot less acceptance of such a look. How do you feel about this trend in recent years for women to take their costumes and add a lot more skin to the look?

Ms. Frizzle Costume

This is one of my favorite ideas from this collection. Other people remember Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, right? This idea came to me because I actually tried on that Anthropologie dress on sale for $30 and almost bought it. You know what stops you from buying things at the mall when you shouldn’t, forgetting your wallet at home. Still a little bummed not to own that dress. Really the ideas for a Ms. Frizzle costume are endless, you could pretend the field trip is to the beach with this sea glass look or to a zoo or a cat shelter with an animal motif. Or I love the idea of just dressing up like a crazy cat lady. Plus you could make your own cat loafers.

Clockwork Orange Costume

Did anyone else go through a ‘Clockwork Orange’ phase? The summer I was 16 and read the book I decided to incorporate the made up vernacular into my vocabulary. I’m sure that was annoying for my mother to put up with. I would re-use everything in this costume again, expect maybe the white pants. I don’t really see myself as a white pants person, but seems like a good chance to try dying pants. Mint green would be fun.

Amelie Poulain Costume
                     Ok, so maybe no one would know who you were if you dressed up as Amelie Poulain. Maybe
                     they would think you were strange to be carrying around a gnome. But would you actually care?
                     Non. You would be the adorable Amelie Poulain. You would enjoy your crème brûlée and be
Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Costume

So, this was actually my costume when I was 17. Yeah, my mother wasn’t too please I decided to be Mia Wallace, but alas it was a cute outfit. I don’t even think any of my other friends had seen the movie at this point, but it was one of my favorites. The wig really made the outfit.

Still in need of more ideas for Halloween? Check out Sarah’s blog Cable Car Couture. I love the Halloween ideas she has been coming up with. Her costume of Effie Trinket is A-Mazing! I would love to hear what ideas people are thinking about or end up doing.


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  1. Sarah the Stylist

    October 18, 2012 7:35 pm

    Jess, you are such a sweetheart to give me a shoutout! I absolutely love the idea of getting creative and shopping your closet for Halloween costume ideas. It’s definitely the way to go. I have a Katniss Everdeen costume coming up that I think you are going to LOVE!

    Cable Car Couture


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