Chalkboard Paint Hearts

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As we know from last year, I am in love with creating Valentine’s Day cards that involve found objects from my house. This year was no exception and I used my new favorite craft obsession, chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint cards are not the most durable cards to make, but I do appreciate the effect they create in the moment. At first I cut out hearts out of card stock and painted them. I realized this created a bit of a mess on the other side, where I wanted to write a message. I therefore painted an oversized square on the paper, let it dry and then cut out the heart. This created a much cleaner look. Then it is time to chalk it up. Just about the easiest Valentine’s I have ever made.

Looking for other cute and easy ideas? Check out this card I received in the mail from a friend. She took an old handkerchief, folded it like a card, added fancy card stock to the bottom half and embroidered little x’s along each corner to attach it. I also love that all the note said was, “i love you!” What more does a love note need to say.


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