Foodie Friday: Red Wine Chocolate Truffles

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Just in time for that well known lovey-dovey holiday, Linz and I wanted to share with you a chocolate treat we made featuring red wine. If you are not from the Pacific Northwest than you might not know that wine is a specialty of Oregon and we have some amazing vineyards in the region.
We decided to go with a recipe from Sprinkle Bakes to make Red Wine Chocolate Truffles. This is a dessert meant to be made for someone you love as it is on the more labor intensive side. When we first saw the recipe, it called for ice cube trays shaped like hearts. We were excited because I happened to have star shaped ice cube trays from the space themed party I threw last summer. Yet, we learned that A) chocolate shaped treats from a flexible mold are very difficult to pop out and B) star-shaped chocolates are about as difficult a shape as you could choose to work with. Hence the tasty, but ugly look of our first batch:


For our second round we were much more successful using mini cupcake trays, which we first lined with cupcake paper.
For Outside Mold:
2 bags dark chocolate meltable wafers
For Ganache:
9 oz dark chocolate
1/2 cup heavy cream
5 tbsp dry red wine
Heat chocolate wafers in batches as you need them. We used our clean fingers, but you could also you a cooking paint brush to add chocolate to the bottom and sides of the cupcake trays. Let sit in freezer until harden, about 20 minutes. Check that all sides and the bottom are fully covered, if not repeat process until done. To make the ganache, heat heavy cream until it begins to boil. Pour over chopped chocolate in a separate bowl. Stir until melted and add red wine. Add ganache to hardened chocolates, making sure not to fill to the top. Place back in freezer for about 20 minutes. Add top layer of meltable chocolate to candies and freeze again, until hard. The candies should come right out of the cupcake trays and easily off of the liners. To decorate we painted the truffles with a mixture of vodka and edible shimmer.
~Jess and Linz

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