Craft Round Up: Food

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This season was difficult was for me to figure out what type of Craft Round Up I wanted to do. Should I feature some fun crafts that use food? Should I share my favorite food blogs? The thing is you likely already know what food blogs I love because I am often raving about them on Foodie Friday. Plus there are just so many amazing food blogs how could I ever pick just a few.

Instead I have decided to share with you food blogs I enjoy that add a little twist to their presentation. Whatever do I mean? Well let’s get started and see.



Feasting on Art is a new to me blog, but I love the simple concept. Feature a work of art and a recipe inspired by that piece.


Someone was bound to realize that a great food blog could leave the non-fiction talk behind and solely feature fictional writing, pretty photos and tasty recipes. I am happy the ladies behind Some Kitchen Stories are doing just that.


I am positive that even if Holly was not my cousin and I stumbled across her new food blog, Kitchen Atlas, I would still love it. It features stories of travel and the food we experience during those journeys. I can tell you are about to fall for this blog too.


The Forest Feast is the blog that inspired me to make this round up all about art and food. Local food, watercolor pictures, simple recipes that highlight fresh produce, nothing else is needed.


Have you seen Ida’s food art on Idafrosk? It’s adorable. I really like when her toes peek out of the photos.


Did you know cello player Joe Kwon from the Avett Brothers has his own foodish blog? Whaaat?! On Taste on Tour he features recipes, food talk and cool photos from the road. Ugh, more reasons to love this band.


I didn’t really want to feature any blogs that paired recipes with amazing photography because the list would go on and on. I’m making an exception for Kiss My Spatula because along with beautiful photos and great recipes there is also a music pairing. It’s just too much goodness in one place.


Speaking of music, do you follow Turntable Kitchen? If you are serious about your music AND your food this is the place on the internet for you.


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