Wrap It Up


It seems every year around this time I cannot help but talk about creative ways to wrap gifts. I think part of my love for this component of presents is that it creates an element of surprise. The wrapping allows you to disguise the gift, therefore creating that exciting moment which says, ‘I love you, I have this for you, what could it be?!’. Yeah, surprises sure do make me giddy.

Pinterest has only feed my fascination with fun gift wrapping ideas and I’m quite proud of a board devoted entirely to that concept. Seriously people, I have over 60 pins.

wrap it up

Stamp Paper//Velvet Gift Bow//Chalkboard Look//Newspaper Gift Bag//Geometric Wrapping Paper//Essimar Papel

Here are a couple of my current loves. What are your favorite ways to add an element of fun to the gifts you give?


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  1. Kim of The Made Thing

    December 5, 2012 6:18 am

    I’d wrap things beautifully but my boyfriend loves to tear through the paper more than look at it. Kid goes INSANE when he see wrapped gifts. It’s his favorite part! I think he would find ribbons inhibiting and probably get angry and then break the box while trying to bust it open.

    • Linz

      December 6, 2012 3:16 pm

      Coming from a family full of boys who also love to tear into presents rather than appreciate the packaging, I’ve always tried to get some pretty ones under the tree early. That way, I can admire them for a couple of weeks before they are destroyed.


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