Dress of the Month

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One of the coolest parts of working on this Fall Fashion Season here at Sweet Athena is that it has coincided with one of the BEST fashion experiences of my life. When I say best, I am not exaggerating or trying to be over the top, it is just the facts. I got to do a really amazing thing.

It all started when I learned about Dress of the Month Club and the two creators, Liz and Kirsten. Their concept was simple and yet oh so fabulous for any girl in love with dress up. They design and feature a new dress every month, which you can then purchase, the best part being that each dress you order is custom made to fit you.

As for the dresses, they have the right balance of vintage and today. My favorite is when their style adds a feel of the past to the dresses, while still keeping it modern.

Where do I come into the mix? Well, I should start by saying I consider myself one of their biggest fans just by the sheer amount of times I have talked up their concept to friends or had a few extra minutes on the web and thought, I’ll look at the dresses on Dress of the Month Club, again!

With all this love for dresses, I was kindly bestowed with a gift certificate to get to work with Liz and Kirsten to design a dream dress and be featured as one of the dresses of the month!!!

The whole experience was A-Mazing! It was fun to get to sit down and share my ideas with the ladies. (Although I was tempted to just let these gals do what they wanted since I loved their style so much). Once they had my ideas, we did multiple fittings and it was cool to see the dress come together.
I was very nervous to do the actual photo shoot for the dress, as this is not my sort of thing. (Seriously, when a photographer took my senior photos in high school, he told me I giggled way too much!). This ended up being a silly worry as the whole thing was very casual and both, Brianna, who did my hair and make-up and Sara Gray, who took the photos were also amazing women. They kept the vibe simple and fun, the perfect mix for such a day.

While thinking about fashion so much for the past two months, it has been fun to be able to work with talented ladies to create a great party dress and understand my own style a little more. Then get all dolled up and show it off. I love my Jess Dress and the experience I had getting there!



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