Petal Power

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For our last installment on ways to jazz up your apparel, we’re looking at how Jess and I brought a little flower power to some basic tees. For guidance, we turned to this tutorial from Uber Chic for Cheap and this one from The Crimson Owl.

Our basic approach consisted of cutting out flowers and leaves from a floral pattern. We then cut out silhouettes of each shape from Heat’n’Bond. After ironing the shapes to adhere to the Heat’n’Bond, we decided upon a layout, peeled off the wax paper, and ironed them on to the shirts.

Depending on the fabrics used, we had varying degrees of success with the Heat’n’Bond. While I could have stopped my t-shirt makeover at that point, Jess found that the fabric would never have stayed if she had not also stitched over it.

I wanted the slightly “homemade” look for the shirt anyway, so I did a few quick runs with different stitches on my sewing machine (top right.) Jess tackled it by hand for a similar effect.

This project’s level of difficulty is mostly dependent upon how many flowers you want to use. Remember when selecting fabric and cutting out pieces, the more detail, the more work and the trickier it is to sew around each shape. Go for the biggest fabric pieces you can if you want to spend less time on it.

In total, my project (at the top) took about thirty minutes. Even after washing, it’s held together nicely. I love the crafty look of the shirt and am slightly tempted to do this to everything I own. Would that be a bit too much?



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