Fabric Bowls

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When I saw a tutorial from Prudent Baby on how to make Scrap-busting Fabric Bowls I thought it was the perfect craft project to try over here on Sweet Athena for our retro theme.
I gathered my supplies:
Fabric cut into 1″ strips
1/2″ piping cord
Crochet Hook
And got to work.

Here’s what I learned along the way:

When cutting the fabric into 1″ strips don’t worry about the extra threads, that’s half the charm.
I had trouble finding piping cord, but rope works just as well.
Look for rope that is smooth and flexible.
Sizes help to create a desired look, but I would not go smaller than 1/4″ (the size I used).
Have fun mixing and matching colors.
Some of my bowls had two patterns of fabrics, while others had 5.
Here are the four bowls I made:

Starting the bowl is the hardest part. I changed my style slightly from the original tutorial so that I wrapped the fabric around the first loop fully (as seen above). I was finding it impossible to get a tight center without doing this. This part might take a few tries. Keep at it and if you don’t like the look of it, just re-do it until you have what your looking for. 
Each of my bowls was better than the last.
I think this is because I figured out how to wrap each one better.
Makes sure to fully overlap the last fabric or it will poke out.
Also pull as tightly as you can when joining the two pieces of rope
and do this as often as possible. This creates a sturdy bowl. 
The great thing about these bowls is that you can decide what size and depth you would like each bowl depending on its purpose. Once you have the diameter you want on the bottom just start bringing the rope up as you wrap it.  
Perfect for storing all your odds and ends.  


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