Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Looking back on my fondest Valentine’s Day memories, what sticks out to me most are the ones involving a paper mailbox, an elementary school classroom, and piles upon piles of paper valentines and sugary tokens of affection. My most tragic V-Day was when my entire haul disappeared between the end of the day and when I got home on the bus…I still wonder where everything went–especially the neon blue rabbit’s foot that a special valentine had slipped into my mailbox. Sigh.

In honor of those simpler days, I would like to share some photos of the festive creations I came up with this year: simple paper cards, boxes, and Strawberry Cupcakes.

The cards were a simple and quick result of scrap-booking cardstock, stickers, and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” stamp. To make the little cupcake boxes, I handmade a template based on the dimensions I wanted. This would give the cakes breathing room, but not enough space to tip in transit. The cupcakes themselves utilized Martha Stewart’s Vanilla Cupcakes (and added in a bit of pureed berries) and Sprinkles’ Strawberry Frosting. As the comments suggested, I reduced the strawberry puree to concentrate it and make the frosting more pink. Because, after all, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Though the cupcakes turned out a bit more muffin-like that I was aiming for, they sure did look cute! Plus, I had a ton of fun making the boxes (accompanied by many fond childhood memories involving scissors, paper, and tape.) Here’s to celebrating Valentine’s Day like a grade-schooler!

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