In love with snail mail

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Letters, postcards, and packages, I LOVE them all! I don’t just find joy in receiving them either, I really do enjoy sending these things to people I know. I have decided to take it one step further and am going to start sending them to a stranger…..yep, I got a pen pal!

You too can work on the art of the letter. The blog Indie Fixx has started The Pen Pal Project which I joined as soon as I found out about it. Leave a comment with your email address (make one just for this purpose if necessary) or contact one of the 300 people looking for a pen pal already!

If your looking for even more ways to quench your letter writing thirst, check out the Letter Writers Alliance. Their blog has lots of great information, including that the first of this month until May 9th is National Card and Letter Writing month. What a perfect time to bring out your pen and paper!





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