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Stencil Scarf Project 3

Stencil Scarf Project 1What feels like forever ago (but was really just last winter), I found a lovely scarf tutorial at Curbly from Chris Gardner to use for my holiday gifts. The project requires minimal supplies (fleece, contact paper, cutting tools, and fabric paint) and allows for a lot of creative freedom.

I love the simplicity of design that stencils require. While I tend to be a flourish-swirly-flourish kind of designer with projects I create by hand, I like how these scarves tap into the clean aesthetic I strive for in most of my graphic design work.

Project Pluses:

  • The total cost for supplies was minimal, especially since I found a good deal on fleece.
  • I was able to customize the designs for each recipient. (Example: the bunny, bottom-right, was inspired by my bun-lovin’ bud Jessica S.)
  • I love cutting with Exacto knives.
  • Everything was so colorful and fun!
  • Less fat and calories than my typical holiday gifts, which basically means I was giving the gift of life for the holidays…right? Sure…

Project Minuses:

  • Cutting fleece in a straight line was difficult with the dull rotary cutter and scissors I had on hand. Sharp tools would have made everything go much faster.
  • With more complicated designs, the contact paper sometimes got stuck or didn’t stick as it should have, making the edges not as crisp as I would have preferred.

Overall Verdict: Worth it! As a little trinket of appreciation, these fuzzy scarves turned out to be a joyful burst of color during the winter season.

Stencil Scarf Project 2


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