Lace Necklaces

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I have been admiring these type of lace necklaces for a while and finally figured out how to make a few of my own. I was actually able to pool my knowledge from a few other craft projects to help me figure out what I wanted.

I first tried to cut out designs from vintage lace that I had around (as seen in decorating a throw pillow). I cut out a few pieces and soaked them in starch, which I learn is a helpful technique from my jean wreath tutorial. But the lace was still too flimsy and did not have the look I was going for. That is when I remembered buying lace cutouts at a fabric store for t-shirt reconstruction week last Fall. And then it all came together.

Supplies Needed:
-Lace Cutouts (I used cutouts from a fabric store in the bridal section. You will want to find pieces with a bit more structure to them.)
-Necklaces clasps
-Jewelry tools (such as pilers and cutters)
-Tea bags (optional)
For bead necklace: beads, bead wire, bottom clamp bead tips
For chain necklace: jewelry chain, jumper rings

How to Make Lace Necklaces:
1) Step one is optional: If you would like to give your lace a more vintage feel (as I did for the chain necklace), soak it in a bowl of hot water with a few tea bags (I used 3). Let it sit out to dry.
2) Soak lace in a bowl of starch. Let it sit out to dry.

For bead necklace:

1) String bead wire through end of lace and string beads along each side to desired length. Repeat on the other side.
2) Tie bead wire in a knot at the end of the beads. Attach bottom clamp bead tips.
3) Attach necklace clasps.

For chain necklace:
1) Attach jewelry chain at desired length to jumper ring. Attach jumper ring to end of lace. Repeat on the other side.
2) Add extra beads or charms hanging from the side if you so desire.

I found I liked it best having one side of the necklace longer than the other so the lace can hang at an angle. For the beaded necklace I made it uneven on purpose. For the chain, I was able to keep them the same length, but can place the clasp anywhere along the chain, making it more versatile.


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