Book Review: My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss

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November’s Book Review is about a blog turned book called, ‘My Mom, Style Icon’. I thought it was perfect for this season of vintage. The book is a collection of submissions of daughters’ favorite photos of their mothers and the outfits they loved to wear. I think the tag line says it all, “Moms-their style was born before we were.”

In the spirit of the book I decided to do a submission for the blog, My Mom, Style Icon AND my mom did a submission of her mother! Can you tell I’m excited to get my mom involved?!

Mom: Jean Fox
Daughter: Jessica Fox
Era: Early 80’s (pre-me!)

I picked this outfit to feature because my mom looks so cute and put together. I love how the shoes match the purse, it’s simple yet stylish. I would wear this outfit today.

Here are a few extra photos from this time period. Check out the red earrings matching the red tights, matches that laugh perfectly. Of course I’m in love with the fact that my mom wore ballet flats on her wedding day.

Now my mom’s submission:

Mom: Margaret Ryan Knowlton
Daughter: Jean Fox
Era: 1940’s

“She always wore dresses or skirts and her hair was done up. It wasn’t until the 60’s that she started to wear pants. She never left the house without doing her hair and makeup. She had a classic look.”

I could not help also add this cute photo of my grandparents. Polka dot dress and bows on the shoes, what’s not to love!


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