Letters: Missing you & the Internet

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Oh hey girlie,

I have missed you lately! Sure I’ve texted and snapchatted with you in the past two weeks, but there has been a lack of emails, Skype and Face-booking since my hard drive died. I need full on communication with you and the rest of the Internet world! It’s been quite pleasant to spend my first evening back with my loyal laptop checking out crafting and cooking blogs and seeing what I have missed.

This mole recipe looks delicious. I’m keeping it in mind for when I’m looking to impress guests.

I love the idea of adding sexy to your outfit in unconventional ways.

Do you know what cookie butter is? I’ve yet to try this mystery ingredient, but it looks over-the-top amazing.

I think we know a teacher or two that would have enjoyed doing this at our high school.

You know I’m all about this banana granola bar recipe.

Like whoa, dude.

How much longer until I’m getting this in the mail?! No, I’m serious.

Sometimes it’s just about adding a smidge of DIY to your wardrobe. Cat GIFs don’t hurt either.

I’m missing my Dad in many ways, but one includes the amount of power tools he has and his willingness to always help me create beautiful things.

By the way, how are Murphs’ dance skills coming along and Dale’s deep voice?

Always so many creative and inspiring ideas to explore on the inter-webs. Don’t get lost along the way.





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