Makeover Monday: Picking Colors

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Tomorrow I get the keys to a new apartment. A friend from school and I are going to be living together and I can already tell it’s gonna be a good thing. She is not just willing to put up with my crazy design ideas, she is as enthusiastic about it as I am. Which means before we move in we will be spending our evenings painting and adding ombre accents (yes ombre!) to walls.

Have you checked out the site Design Seeds? It is the perfect place to start if you are trying to figure out the colors you want for a room. But be careful, it’s easy to fall for this site and spend hours here (it was the global section that really did me in).

We talked about doing a yellow wall in our living room. We are currently debating between if we will go with a bolder look or a more subtle room.


We saw this picture of a bathroom that we loved:


I thought this color palette reflects what we are going for:


As for my bedroom, I was thinking a blue color with mixes of orange could be fun.

CitrusBlues PaintedBrights

Although I did see this purple and orange combo, which I hadn’t thought of, but love.


I’m starting to branch out on my own for coming up with color combos. I think this photo from Instagrafite would be cool to base my bedroom colors on. Oh the choices!! Such an exciting time when so many ideas float through your mind.



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