Makeover Monday: Beaded Chain Ring

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This is a bit of a cheat of a Makeover Monday post as all materials here are new. But I feel fine about it because A) I like breaking rules, even if they are ones I made up and B) the materials used are so few and small, you will be likely using left over scraps you have to make it anyways. Therefore still fitting one of the main purposes of this series, re-using.

Materials Needed:
-jewelry wire
-jewelry wire cutters
-jewelry round nose pliers
-beads, preferably ones that are not perfectly round
Add the amount of beads you would like on the top of the ring to the jewelry wire leaving enough wire on each side to wrap around the chain. See picture above.
Slip the end of the chain loop to the end of one of the wires. Use more chain than you think you will need at this point. Create a loop with the wire enclosing the chain end in the middle, wrap the left over wire around the end of the wire loop. To decide how large to make the ring, place on finger and measure how long the chain will be. Factor in that you will have extra slack once the chain is placed in the wire loop. Once the chain is measured and cut, repeat the process of creating the wire loop with the other chain end in the middle.


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