Makeover Monday: Bunny Rabbit Patch Tights


I am in love with the trend in tights right now for bright colors and whimsical designs. Which is why when I saw these cat knee pads by jenloveskev I knew I had to try them. They ended up being quite simple to execute and the possibilities are endless for the design you could add to your tights. I went for bun tights as they are one of my favorite animals. I am hoping this tutorial might be helpful for anyone needing a tights makeover for their Halloween costume. Or perhaps you just need some cute bat tights to wear around this month. I’ll let you decide just how precious you will get with this one.

Supplies Needed:
-acrylic paint
-sharpie (in matching color to paint)
-paint brush
-card stock or cardboard

To start put on tights and mark with sharpie the general place you want the design to hit.

Once you have done that on both sides, take the tights off and place a bit of card stock in each leg where you are wanting to paint. New tights often come with card stock in the tights which works perfectly. Then tape them down making sure to give the tights a good stretch as this will be a more accurate look for when you wear them.

Draw out the design you are wanting to trace on another piece of card stock or cardboard. Trace the design on each side of the tights. I was able to flip my design so my rabbits were facing each other or as my mom put it, your bunnies kiss when you close your legs. Yeah, she said that.

The next step is painting. Feel free to be liberal with the paint as the tights absorb it. Once dry I tried on my tights and decided it still needed more paint and a little cleaner line around some of the edges. I therefore left the tights on and painted the edges and some of the middle with them on and let them dry while wearing them. This may seem a bit silly, but it really helps to get a better design.

What do you think? What design would you want on your knees?



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  1. Nisha

    October 15, 2012 9:38 pm

    You should draw a pair of bumblebees next and then you can be …. ‘the bee’s knees’…. 😀 It was too good to resist!


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