Q&A Sunday: Denim Skirts & Work

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Question from Jess: Are jean skirts and dresses acceptable to wear to work? I’ve also seen a lot of cute outfits with skirts and the chambray shirt, what do you think about that in a business casual setting?

Answer: If your work setting is mostly business-causal, I think you have a lot more room to wear denim and chambray than more traditional work environments. That said, I think both of these fabrics can be styled to look very nice, and you may be able to get away with wearing them in even if you typically dress very professionally at work.

Wearing denim to work
Keep it classic
To balance out your look, I’d suggest wearing denim or chambray in traditional silhouettes while at work. Think about shapes like a-line skirts, pencil skirts, collared shirts, and button-down dresses. Essentially, if the shape is classy, it will make the fabric look classy. Also, this is probably not the time to experiment with frayed, faded, or bleached denim. Dark is safest.

Pair it up
When wearing separates, pair the denim or chambray with your work staples, such as solid-colored blouses or trousers. Keep your footwear and jewelry simple and work-appropriate.

My next question to Jess:  Are leggings out? They came “in” a few years ago, and I love how comfortable they are, so I don’t really want to let them go…


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