Makeover Monday: Paint Chip Collage

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There is a definite trend right now to use paint chips for a plethora of different projects. I am quite found of all the paint chips used to decorate walls. It feels playful to use paint chips to adorn your walls, instead of just to help you get an idea of what color to paint them.

I could not resist trying my own hand at this craft. I was amazed at how easy (and cheap!) this project is. I took a collection of black picture frames I had lying around and a large handful of paint chips I had acquired (*ahem* taken) from the local paint store. I laid out my frames, then played around with the paint chips. Placing them in different orders until I found a color scheme I liked. I then used double stick tape to set them in place. The paint chips I picked had rounded edges, I therefore decided to place each chip under the one above it, so there was no blank space. I am very pleased with the way it came out.

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