Sew & Tell: Bow Tie

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My husband, Dale, has a love of bow ties unrivaled in any men I know. And he looks mighty fine while wearing one, even when in costume as Dr. Seuss. Case in point:


When Dale was asked to serve as Best Man at his brother’s wedding, we all knew that Dale would need a very special wedding bow tie to wear. We couldn’t find a pink bow tie to match the wedding colors, so I jumped on the task of making one that fit the bill.

I’d never made a bow tie before, but I found the tutorial from Aaron Caramanis at the Martha Stewart Show very helpful. I ended up making my own template with card stock based on the shape of another tie he had.


I didn’t have a “bone folder” (whatever that is) to push out the corners of the tie, so I used a pencil to do the job.

I just love how it turned out!


A bow-tied Dale with his brother and sister. Adorable, right?


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