Sew & Tell: Hemming a Skirt


I recently hemmed my first skirt! If there was any confusion about my knowledge and level of sewing, I think this post should make it all clear. Sew & Tell is all about Linz and I learning to sew. I am by no means a skilled seamstress and my hope is that these posts will be helpful and inspiring for people out there also swimming their way through the ocean of fabric, needles and patterns. I’m starting out with the basics (hemming a skirt) and moving on from there. It is also my desire that these posts create a dialogue, if you have a better technique or idea, please share! I’m here to learn.
On to my shortened skirt. It turned out not to be quite the easy breezy project I thought it would be, owing to my own lack of direction on the the whole affair. I had this cute green skirt that I was feeling was at an awkward length of right below the knee. About 6 months ago I was hanging out with my cousin having one of our “sewing sessions” (read: cooking dinner together, drinking wine, bringing out our sewing machines, but forgetting to sew and just chatting). Instead of looking into how to hem a skirt, I literally just started cutting off fabric at the bottom, no measuring (or thinking about it for that matter). I quickly saw what a bad idea this was, stashed the skirt and ignored the issue until this week.
To hem the skirt I turned to the basic, but helpful eHow tutorial. Seeing as measuring was what I had lacked before, I then discovered that yes, changing the length of your cotton skirt is as easy as people say it is, so long as you put in a little effort on following a few directions.


Oh, you know, this is how I hang out in my living room:
Now let’s talk about this picture for one minute. I’m still trying to figure out the pace of the Sew & Tell series and my lack of posting on it for a couple of weeks was due to my own nervousness about actually having anything to say on sewing. Clearly I have decided to forge on, but have come across a new dilemma. I’m uncertain how I want to photograph pictures of the final product, especially when said product involves me wearing it.
So, this is what I think is funny. I decided to experiment with a few posed pictures of me in the skirt and I’m looking through them and I realized I was actually walking around my living room waving at the camera. Pretty ridicules. But last time I checked, that’s the way we like it around here.


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