Sweet Athena Freebie! Shiny and Bright Wallpaper

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Here at Sweet Athena we like to focus on one theme every three months and tackle projects related to that theme. Since September, we’ve been on a Celebrations kick, writing about ways we like to have fun and appreciate life. We usually move on to a new theme by the time December rolls around, but just couldn’t let the Celebrations theme go yet, so we’re keeping it around for another month!

To help us keep the party going, we’ve decked the blog out in glitter. Doesn’t glitter just make everything feel more festive? Plus, I’m loving how digital glitter doesn’t get all over the place like real glitter does. Why not get in on the fun? Free for personal use, the computer and phone backgrounds linked above are a perfect way to spruce up your workspace for the holiday season.

We have some great posts coming up…we’ll be talking about making a wedding cake, designing home brew labels, and we’ll also share some great homemade gift ideas. Also, if you haven’t checked us out at Twitter lately, Jess has become quite enamored with Vine…her videos are fabulous!

Happy December!


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