Winter Bucket List


Winter Bucket List

I like that Linz did an update on the progress of her fall bucket list. If you asked me, I would have said I failed miserable this season, but when I actually look at it, I hit six of ten. Go me.

1. Try making apple cider cream pie-with the twist of a ginger cookie crust.

2. Run a race-with another 5 miler happening next weekend.

3. Apple picking

4. Host a housewarming party- it was 90’s theme and fantastic!

5. Attend a Fall Festival- multiple actually, Bmore is good for that.

6. Brunch with bottomless mimosas- it ended up being pitchers of fancy sangaria (even better!).

And it should be noted, appreciated and laughed at, that Murphy (Linz’s baby) and I wore the same Halloween costume this year. Magical. I only wish we had been in the same place to have a Robin Thicke off.


Let’s move on to our winter lists!

Winter Bucket List 2

Jess’s List 

1. Try acupuncture
2. Make bread/rolls to accompany all the yummy soups I make during this season.Try at least 3 recipes.
3. Check out 34th street in Hamden.
4. Read.More.Books. I have really fallen out of this habit since being in grad school. Cozy days indoors seem like the perfect time to restart this habit.
5. Make a winter playlist. I keep saying I’m going to do this one- it is happening!
6. Visit one of my besties in NYC.
7. Knit a new piece- I’m hoping it will be a very big chunky infinity scarf.
8. Make up a recipe for chocolate cinnamon rolls with raspberry filling (I literally dreamed up this idea).
9. Get my blogging grove back. Post at least two times a week.
10. Make my ultimate Baltimore/Maryland/East Coast bucket list. I don’t see myself on this side of the country forever. I need think about all the things I want to see and do while here.

snow day 15

Linz’s List

1.  Cultivate a Christmas card mailing list and send cards out.
2.  Host a holiday party at the house.
3.  Try a new baby-friendly brunch location (carried over from my Fall Bucket List.)
4. Stolen from Jess: Read.More.Books. Aiming to finish two by New Year’s, and two more by then end of February. (I was reading every day up until a couple of months ago, but then I ran out of books in the series I was reading. I guess this one includes a step one: find a couple of good books to read.)
5.  Try out two holiday cookie recipes.
6.  Put together at least one great holiday outfit that I feel fabulous wearing.
7.  Invent a recipe. Setting the target low on this one: I feel a dearth of creative juices, so if I get one, I’ll be happy.
8.  Start a Christmas tradition.
9. Stolen from Jess: Get my blogging grove back. Post at least two times a week.
10. Sing every day until New Year’s.



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  1. Holly

    December 15, 2013 10:30 pm

    I love that you guys post these and that you’re not too hard on yourself about the ones you aren’t able to cross off your list. Bucket lists can be such great motivation to do the things we always say we want to do!

  2. Jess

    December 19, 2013 1:42 pm

    Regarding the books, since I, too, understand the pain of not being able to read for pleasure while being in grad school/being busy/etc: I’ve plowed through three books since classes got out last week, and the best of the bunch so far is a book called Margot by Jillian Cantor. It’s a novel imagining what it might have been like for Anne Frank’s older sister, had she survived. I’m almost halfway through it, and it’s a crazy quick read. Very melancholic so far, and the language is a little clunky at times, though I suspect that was a choice made by the author to illustrate the foreignness that Margot feels.

    My plan is to get through four more books before I go back to school on the 6th: Harry Potter 7 (for, yes, probably the 10th time), Interred With Their Bones (a rollicking, page-turning, mystery-action-adventure novel about the race to find a lost Shakespeare manuscript that I HIGHLY recommend), The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society (if joy were a book, this would be it), and a biography of Anne Boleyn’s older sister, Mary.

    Merry reading to y’all!


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