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You know who turns 28 tomorrow?!?! One of my all time favorite ladies, Linz. While here I am on the other side of the country not able to celebrate with her in person. On this monumental age change no less. What?! Were you unaware that 28 was one of the “big” ones? It is. It is that year when you can no longer even try and say you are in your mid-twenties. It starts the pre-count down to the count down. The whole year you are 28 you are one step closer to 29 and then

Okay, maybe I’ve worked up being 28 in my head a wee bit. Does not change the fact that I am bummed not to be hanging out with this lady. I miss having themed parties with her and all our other friends. I’ve been fantasising¬†lately about new themed party ideas we have yet to try. Here are a couple of them that have been running through my head lately.

vintage super hero birthday party printables-400x400

Superhero! I think this party would lend itself well to so many cool decorations and costumes. I also really like the idea of having the party where everyone shows up as their own made up superhero. How cool would that be to see everyone get to make up the type of costume and powers they would want to be if they were a superhero. I saw a lot of ideas for kid parties with this theme, but really folks, I think we all know adults like superheros too.


I am pretty sure an Alice in Wonderland party would be A-Mazing. The perfect summer outdoor shindig. Turns out I am not the only one who has thought that this theme would work well. There are tons of great ideas floating out there on this one. It’s almost overwhelming how much cool stuff you could do.


It doesn’t have to be a Man Men party per se, I just really want a late 50’s/early 60’s party where I can wear one of my cocktail dresses, or two. You can have wardrobe changes at parties, right? Or a 1950’s setting would work well as the backdrop for a murder mystery party. All this party talk is really giving me the urge to make an Old Fashion.


I’m game to try a lot, but a Dexter party may be too far for even me. You might become known as a totally creepster among your friends if you host this party.

What about you, do you love themed parties as much as Linz and I do? Any awesome themes we should know about?


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  1. Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    February 2, 2013 4:02 pm

    I love themed parties! In fact, just last night, my sister’s friends surprised her with a musical theatre themed party – – and put on a show for her with parodies of some of her favorite musical numbers. It sounded amazing! Anyway, I think the superhero and Alice party ideas are just darling…and I hope Linz has a great 28th!

  2. Sara

    February 9, 2013 4:27 am

    I love themed parties too! Especially for my girls’ birthday parties. Addie’s 5th birthday was an Alice in Wonderland unbirthday party. It was so much fun to decorate for and I got bunches and bunches of white roses for the kids to paint red! I prefer the vintage Alice style instead of the bubbly bright Mad Hatter style. But you can definitely take that theme so many ways. Check it out

    • Jess

      February 10, 2013 4:26 pm

      I agree I really like the vintage style for an Alice in Wonderland themed party too. That birthday for your daughter was SUPER cute. The pictures of the white roses and girls painting them red is the best!


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