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Do you remember during our last season of Fashion that Linz and I had a Q & A series devoted to our questions and ideas related to how to dress and express yourself with clothing. Well, we had so much fun we are bringing back the series, but with a new spin for the season of celebration. Linz and I have been known to email each other links of funny and sweet stories, imagines and ideas we have recently seen on the internet. Who doesn’t do that these days with their friends? This month our Sunday series will be all about the things that make us think, smile and laugh. Join along and share what is making your day better.




Happy Birthday Lady! I hope your year is filled with surprises, magical adventures and a few challenges to keep things interesting.

I know you and I both have our love for Anthropologie, but really I think I should be getting a thank you for not buying you anything for your birthday from this feature. My favorite might be the explanantion of the Paisley Leggings:

“I am certain that this is one of those things you think you can pull off but have to convince themselves you’re pulling it off every second. You can only wear these once every year because the anxiety that comes along with them is so incredibly crushing. You don’t just wear these leggings, you have an existential crisis in them.”

Speaking of awesome things happening today, it’s the Super Bowl and I’m so excited to be living in this purple painted town!!! I enjoyed this love letter to the city. I can’t count the number of times people asked me why I would move to Baltimore before I came out here, but I love the gritty charm of this place.

I am a list person and there always seems to be one floating around the internet about lessons learned. As we grow older I really appreciate this one ‘32 Mistakes We’re All Going To Make‘.

If we were hanging out for your birthday I think I would talk you into letting me make some of these Boozy Pie Bites for ya.

In case we needed even more party ideas, how about this travel one?!

This would be the cutest care package to send someone for their birthday or just because they are fantastic!

Ok, this has nothing to do with celebrations, unless of course you count learning these phrases to impress your friends at the next shindig. Slightly dirty, oh yeah.

Now this sounds like the party to be at, so sweet. Oh Bill Murray how I love you.

And finally I think we all need a little more dancing in the streets.



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  1. Linz

    February 8, 2013 9:26 am

    I feel pretty accomplished after reading the ’32 Mistakes We’re All Going To Make‘ list. Finally! One of those internet lists from which I have accomplished almost every item!

    And Oh. Bill Murray’s story got me. Got me good.

    Thanks for all of these wonderful bits of loveliness, Jess!


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