At a Glance: Reunited and it Feels So Good

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Having Jess all the way across the country in Baltimore is one of those things in life that you know is good, but isn’t always fun. Kind of like eating broccoli. (Sorry, broccoli.) I’m so happy for her that she did something she really wanted to do in going to grad school. Now that she has graduated, she’s landed a dream job in her field of Social Work. How awesome is that? The only downside is that the job will keep her in Baltimore which remains 2,808 miles away, despite my wishing it closer.

All of this made Jess’ recent trip home that much sweeter. When Jess was around, I instantly forgot that we’ve had any time apart, which was strange, especially because two of our best friends (Mariko and Erin) and I have had babies since Jess was last around town. With my maternity leave, Mariko‘s summer vacation, and Jess back in Oregon, we pretty much had a three-week-long celebration. We were even able to steal Jessica S. away from work, which is a rare feat. I can’t even describe how lovely it was. The closest I can get is that it was like summer break in high school after we had all gotten our driver’s licenses and weren’t tied to full-time jobs.

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