Guest Post: Crafty Mariko

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Hello Sweet Athena readers! I am so excited to be guest posting today for the blog of two of my very best friends. My name is Mariko, and I blog over at Crafty Mariko. I’m a high school english teacher by day, and a lover of all things crafty by night/weekend. I also have an Etsy shop, Bouncing Ball Creations, which you got to take some peeks at when Jess and Linz hosted a giveaway earlier this week!

Jess and Linz asked me to share a fun crafty project with you today, and I thought some cute wrapped pens would be just the thing.

I love how these pens can be made using any kind of fairly thin paper, so they’re completely customizable. I happen to love the patterns used in origami paper, so that is what I used to make some fun and vibrant new pens!

The first thing that I did was to take apart a pen and remove the ink stick. I had some black Pentel RSVP pens laying around in my crafty stashes, and those worked perfectly. Then I measured and cut my origami paper to the width of my ink stick.

Make sure that you leave the pen tip part of your ink stick sticking out from the width of your paper.

Next, I coated one end of the origami paper with Mod Podge and folded it up and over my ink stick.

This makes it much easier to start rolling up your pen than if you tried to just roll from the edge—trust me.

After that you just keep coating your paper with Mod Podge and rolling up your ink stick until you’ve reached the end of your paper!

I used 6” origami paper and that seemed to be the perfect length to get the thickness I wanted in my pens.

So there you have it! Super simple, super easy, and super cute pens. These would make a great handmade addition to a notepad or stationary set, or would just look fabulous on any desk!

Thank you Jess and Linz for having me over here, it’s been a lot of fun!



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