Bling, Bling

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Today’s shirt reconstruction is all about adding a little bling to your shirt. I tried out a tutorial from Still Dottie about re-ceating a beaded shirt from J-Crew.

This project was one that was easy to do, but does require a lot of time to bead everything. The biggest thing that I learned from the project is that it really does matter whether you bring the thread up from the center or the side first. When I started the project I was having a lot of trouble and wondering if I could even do this. I then re-read the tutorial and realized I needed to tread to the side and then add each sequence and hold it through the middle. I realize this is such a small detail, but one that really does make all the difference.

I kept my look simpler than Still Dottie’s, but still like what the added tulle and bead combo does for the shirt. The only real difference I made to the shirt was adding a couple layers of tulle to each of the circles and making the layers slightly different lengths to add a some depth.



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