Book Review: Pushing the Envelope by Marthe Le Van

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With all this card talk it seemed the perfect time to pay attention to the outside packaging of these homemade lovelies. ‘Pushing the Envelope’ is a book, as I am sure you have guessed about making and decorating envelopes. It has a nice balance of practical tutorials to step up your envelope game (including templates) to ideas I would never have thought of.

One of my favorite things about the book is that it has a tutorial for how to make not one, but two versions of your own home-brewed envelope glue! I adore it when I see a DIY tutorial for an idea I never even thought about doing on my own.

I happened to have a lot of left over white flowers like on the cover of the book, so I tried my own style  of this look.

I also attempted the tea bag envelope. My proportions are a bit off from your typical tea bag, but the feel is still there and I’l be happy to send this package on its way.

The envelope that blew my mind the most was definitely the ‘tea cozy’ which involved drying out old tea bags and sewing them together to make an envelope. A true trash to treasure tutorial.

If you have been inspired this week to make a couple more homemade cards, this book could be a helpful addition to creating envelopes.


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