Watercolor Cards

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A common tread you will notice in the card tutorials this week is simplicity. I see cards as sweet, thoughtful ways to express affection to people. I do not think you need to spend hours on elaborate decorations for cards to feel worth while. As for how long you want to spend writing declarations of poetic love inside the card, well that is entirely up to you.

I love how this project channels your inner 2nd grader. To make these cards I used a white colored pencils to draw the design and words I wanted on a blank card. I used a heavy hand when writing to make sure it would pop when I painted it. I first tried this project with a white crayon and felt the look left something to be desired. The crayon was not as precise and the watercolor overpowered the crayon in parts. After you have created the look you want simply paint over the area with the watercolor combination you desire. In my ‘hello’ card I was going for a blue ombre look which might be hard to see. Once the paint starts to dry you can use a wet q-tip to wipe up some of the paint that might be on top of the white parts.

With all this card love, it seemed fitting that we not forget the envelopes. You can also doodle and even address an envelope in this style as a sneak peek to the card inside.


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