Catching Up

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More than with spring, there’s something about summer that gets me in the mood for renewal. Maybe it’s that nature doesn’t seem to really kick into high gear in the Pacific Northwest until the early summer months, or maybe it’s that my life is still tied to the flow of a school year—with summer being the first time to review, breathe, and look ahead since August. Nonetheless, I’ve been enjoying this feeling of a new beginning.

At our household, we’ve been enjoying some exciting firsts as well as some beloved traditions:

  • NEW: My husband Dale and I took a big leap into adulthood and swapped out the residence hall furniture provided to us for our apartment with a “real” bed and dressers.
  • NEW: We stole away to Cannon Beach for our dog Oliver’s first trip to the beach. (He enjoyed the free reign to dig himself as many holes as he wanted.)
  • NEW: Dale finally convinced me to try golf for the first time—and second and third. Although I do fall into the expected fits of quiet rage when the ball doesn’t do what I want it to, being outside in the beauty and serenity of the courses for several hours is really nice.
  • TRADITION: We had a great night of playing kickball at the park that backs up to a friends’ house.
  • TRADITION: We enjoyed a double-feature at the drive-in, though I STILL can’t stay awake long enough to make it through the second movie.
  • (NEW) TRADITION: So You Think You Can Dance. Enough said.

While, unfortunately, Jess is not around right now—she’s off living an Ecuadorian adventure, we did get some crafty time in before she left to experiment with making some vintage-y/funky head pieces (here’s a picture of my favorite that Jess created.)

On top of that, I’ve been having fun creating and reworking some pieces of my own including: my first hemming of pants, revamping Dale’s childhood dresser, new jewelry pieces, throw pillows and more(!) I’m vowing to cease my writing drought and discuss these projects in the coming days. Oh, yes. This gal is going to get prolific.

Until next time,


P.S. As I will probably mention Oliver and Dale in many future entries, here are pictures of them. (The one of Dale is from our furniture shopping adventure…and no, we didn’t decide on getting the football chair, much to Dale’s inner child’s disappointment.) Aren’t they cute?


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