Short and Sweet

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In an effort to save money, I recently set out to learn how to hem pants. I am short and pants I tend to like are not. I figure this is will be a valuable life skill for me.

Even though I usually tackle projects with a “let’s try this and see how it turns out” approach, I figured some kind of guide would be helpful–especially if I wanted the pants to last. To do it right, I turned to Halyma’s easy-to-follow instruction video. It was very helpful and I highly recommend it. I especially liked it’s balance between being brief without skimping on details.

Project One: PANTS

Though I had to do away with the fancy cuff the pants originally had, this little project turned out nicely. The most labor-intesive part was probably the hand stitching at the end, though it might have just felt that way because I was doing it while watching the premier of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Not a recommended step in the process.

Project Two: SHORTS

Quite pleased with how the pants turned out, I pulled these pants out of my “donate” pile to see what I could do. I originally had the pants hemmed at the store from which they were purchased, but I was never happy with the length they ended up at. On top of that, one pant leg hem unraveled (see the black electrical tape I tried to use to hold it up?)

After looking at them, I realized they could be exactly what I’ve been scouring stores for right now: work-appropriate shorts. I followed the same instructions, just taking off more fabric and voila!

Sleep tight,


P.S. Join me next time with Adventures in Cheesemaking!


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