Chalkboard Vases

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As ya’ll have gathered at this point, chalk board paint is on my mind. I just love how I am able to take objects that otherwise might be thrown away and create new and fun decorative pieces. Being the crafty wine drinkers Linz and I are, we thought we could not just share a recipe about how to bake with wine, but what to also do with your leftover wine bottles.

Supplies Needed:
-wine bottles
-chalkboard paint
-paint brush

The first thing you will want to do is remove the labels from your wine bottle. I soaked mine in hot, soapy water and was able to peel off most of the label this way. There was some residue left, which I was able to remove by running the bottle under hot water and giving the bottle a scrub with a dish brush. Then paint most of the bottle leaving the bottom part to be completed last. This will likely take a couple of layers, but the paint dries quickly. I preferred to leave the top part of the bottle clear of paint. Clear bottles will take extra coats of paint. To paint the bottom part, lay the bottle on its side and paint the top half of the bottle. Once that dries continue to rotate bottle until completed. This part may sound tedious, but it goes by quickly.

Just in time for spring, you have new vases.

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