Crafty Wonderland’s Super Colossal Spring Sale and So Much More

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This weekend I had the pleasure of not just going to Crafty Wonderland‘s Super Colossal Spring Sale, but to also bring along two of my favorite people, my mom and aunt. The ladies wanted to treat me to a special day and as soon as I realized this craft fair was going on at the same time, I knew I wanted to share a little crafty fun with them.

I have been to the Crafty Wonderland for there monthly events at the Doug Fir Lounge, but I was excited to see just what would happen if they had space at the Oregon Convention Center. I was not disappointed. One of my favorite parts was the DIY Table where workshops and supplies were available for all to enjoy. The booklet with all the vendor information even included a small tutorial to make spring garlands by Jenn Hill of Chet + Dot. There were too many local Portland vendors to name them all! (How great is it that we have so many great local crafters/artists). I did end up making one purchase from Jade Rose Designs that I very pleased about. The picture is not the best of the hairpiece, but there it is, happily in my hair. As we were leaving the Crafty Wonderland fair we noticed that there was also a bead fair and a glass fair going on at the convention center and we could not resist taking a peak at both of them as well. At the first booth we visited, a lady pushed me into trying on a 2, 000 dollar necklace! While it was fun to see how much work (300 hours!) goes into a necklace that costs that much, it was very nerve racking to wear it!We also saw an artist, Teresa Sullivan, who just blew me away. I loved that she took her passion, bead work, and has pushed the limit of what we think you use beads for. Love beads or not, I think her creations were so much fun to see.

Oh and to top off a great day I got to pick where we ate lunch and I had been dying to try Andina. It is a Peruvain restaurant where we enjoyed tapas, delicious drinks and a super yummy dessert. I recommend going with friends, (even the vegetarian ones!) to a great place to try a new dish.

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