Crafting with Jessica’s Head

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Okay, I guess it’s not really crafting exactly, but we had a lot of fun transforming Jess’ hair this weekend. Upon Jess’ hairdresser’s insistence that we could successfully take Jess from a beautiful brunette to a bombshelle blonde at home, we decided to give it a try. We staked out supplies at Sally’s Beauty Supply (and had to rely on a customer’s professional expertise so we wouldn’t burn Jess’ scalp off.) Supplies in hand, we embarked on what ended up being a four-part dying process. Steps and accompanying photos are as follows:

Jess' Hair Before

Step 1: Mix bleach powder with 30 level developer. (Apparently 40 level would have resulted in blistering skin…ew!)

Result of Step 1: Overall, much of Jess’ color was lifted, but some select spots were stubborn, such as right at her hair line. So, we moved on to Step 2.

Jess' Hair 1st Bleach

Step 2: Use a chopstick to fill in extra bleach where the hair was still dark.

Result of Step 2: Overall lightness and a sassy head of flame-like hair. Look at those eyes glow!

Jess' Hair 2nd Bleach

Step 3: Tint the hair with a blue-tinted blonde color. As our guide educated us, the blue shade balances out the orange produced by the initial bleaching. She also told us to constantly watch the dye to make sure it didn’t turn Jess’ head purple. (Though that’s her favorite color, so could it have been that bad?)

Result of Step 3: We were freaked out about the purple potential and rinsed after about 7 minutes. Too early.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 and eat leftover apple pie. Yum.

Result of Step 4: A stunning blonde head of hair. At photo time, Jess was kind of freaked out with the change (you can tell by her cute-but-frantic grin.) Lindsey really, really likes it, though!

Jess' Hair Final Product

All in all, this job was nervewracking but successful. No crazy colors resulted and all of Jess’ skin was intact. When you craft with heads, the results get a little more personal. But so do the rewards. : )


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